Russell and Carl in Pixar's Up

Well, Pixar, if your goal was to make me cry (again… damn you WALL-E), mission accomplished.

Nik and I just got back from seeing Pixar’s latest Up and have to say it was pretty good. Aside from us making the obvious mistake of seeing the earlier show (too many yappy children), we had a good time. It was a good pick-me-up for a crummy day and for that, I thank them.

The movie was in the new 3D format that’s all the rage with the kids these days (or so I hear). We last saw Coraline in that format, and while that movie was really great, this one made much better use of it. The animation was clear and crisp, as one would expect from Pixar, and the 3D really popped.

The story itself was very sweet, and the opening background info is a bit of a tearjerker. Hell, even the opening animated short is a bit of a sniffler, though perhaps I can blame this on the poison Turkey Wrap I had at Prairie Ink beforehand, blech. The vocal work was excellent as well.

If I were going to nitpick, I would say that this one was a bit more kid-oriented than some other Pixar films, but honestly, when I think about it, they’re really all very kid-oriented. Adults just like ’em anyway! Up wasn’t quite as funny as some of their films as well (except for perhaps the talking dog bits), but it was still a pretty solid film that I’d recommend.

You know, just maybe bring a few hankies if you’re feeling a bit sucky…

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