Are you looking for creative consultation? Or motivation? Or just some amusing anecdotes about the commercial art and illustration biz? If so, I’ve got you covered!


Over the years I’ve done numerous public speaking engagements of all types and sizes. From audiences in the hundreds to intimate workshop settings, I love to help inspire a group. At the moment, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic which is understandably limiting, however I am still available for online panels and other engagements that meet Covid-19 local regulations. Contact me directly and let me know what you’re thinking about hosting and we can discuss what best suits your needs.


Are you looking for some advice on creative direction for your company or upcoming project? I offer Zoom-based consultations available in one hour sessions. In-person sessions can also be conducted depending on what the current Covid-19 rules and restrictions are in place. In these sessions I’ll be happy to help you focus in on your brand or product’s core offerings, troubleshoot creative roadblocks and suss out any issues you’ve been having with your product presentation. Sometimes the best thing to do when you’ve hit a bump in the road is to have a chat with an outside professional to give you some food for thought! Please contact me for rates and sessions availability.