I’ve worked with high-end international brands and local start-up companies and it would be my honour and pleasure to help create the perfect artwork to make your business stand out. My art licensing fees are very reasonable and I can honestly say I have an avenue available to suit any budget.

When licensing my artwork, the main things I consider are the time (and supplies, if applicable) involved in the creation and the end usage of the art. Larger, high-visibility projects have different demands than work performed for smaller, upstart companies. Your best bet is to contact me directly with some of the bullet points about what you’re looking for and we’ll work it out from there, but until then, I’ve got a simple guide down below:

Small Budget – Big Style

For those in need of something quick and ready to work with, my artwork is available for royalty-free licensing at both iStockphoto and Getty Images. This is a great option for smaller budget projects!

Collage of bird themed artwork available for royalty-free licensing

Medium Budget for Art Licensing

Maybe you’ve seen something of mine on one of the royalty-free stock sites above that was almost perfect but just missing a certain something? I invite you to contact me to see if we can massage some existing artwork to match your vision. Working this way allows for a custom feel with a shorter turnaround time and a not-so-big budget bite.

Collage of fruit themed patterns with product photo of aluminum cans with lime illustration on them.

Flexible Budget – Huge Impact

If you love my style, but want something completely custom or it’s for subject matter I’ve currently left untouched (inconceivable!), contact me directly and let’s get some ideas going! There’s nothing I enjoy more than talking about a new and fabulous project. This may be a small or large project, but don’t be afraid to contact me for an estimate for your planning purposes, I love to hear about your ambitious creative ideas!

Two images of large scale nature wall murals at Seattle Children's Hospital Forest B area by Sam Posnick