We’re all busy people, I understand that you may not want or need to read my life story, exciting as it may be (unfortunately though, it does not involve tigers). This being the case, I’ve put together the most relevant details of my life involving my artistic experience on this page in a pseudo Q&A format. Anything you want more details about, please contact me, I love to chat.

Or, for more brevity (I’m told it’s wit!), you may simply download my resume in pdf format  >

So… who are you?

Sam Posnick. Okay, that was short. Since you’ve found yourself here, I’ll assume that you’ve gathered that I’m an artist/designer for hire, since any link you followed to get here was probably not referencing my witty reparté (if it was, please tell me, as it will be the first and likely only such link). I was generally a “creative” child (in both the literal sense and in the sense that “creative” is often synonymous with “weird”). After majoring in Advertising Art in high school (which I approached with what I now see as a baffling amount of intensity), I followed my older sister into a career in Graphic Design.

“Sam’s illustrations are bold and graphic, yet delicate, whimsical and thoughtful…”
– Matthew Hertel

Esparrow illustrationnough chatter, how about some credentials?

Well, since you can’t actually see them, I suppose you’ll have to assume I’m not lying about my background. Trust me though, I have a wild imagination and if I were to lie about such a thing, I would certainly make up much more prestigious institutions to have gotten degrees from. As mentioned previously, I majored in Advertising Art (also known as Graphic Design with a refreshingly 90s spin) in high school. Upon graduation, I immediately enrolled in Red River College’s Graphic Design program and got my diploma. I then settled upon doing an optional third year Advanced Graphic Design diploma program in order to further explore typography, animation, video and photography.

How long have you been at this “design” thing?

Long enough. This is always the right answer. Enough time to be very knowledgeable about my field, but not long enough to be particularly bitter.sparrow illustration 2

“If I could draw and create illustrations the way I really wanted to, they would look like hers.” – Bodhi Hill

Where have I seen your work before?

If you haven’t already been through my portfolio (and if so, I commend you for reading this first), here’s a nice short list of a few places my illustrations and designs have been seen. Urban Outfitters produced and sold pillowcases with my Koi illustration on them. I have my own collection of home products at Kess InHouse. I add new illustrations regularly to my portfolio at iStockphoto. Pistachio Press sells cards with several of my images letterpressed on them. I have had illustrations featured in Getty’s ‘Hot Shots’ emails. My “Winter Trees” best selling image was featured on one of Twitter’s main pages for several years. David’s Tea and Chapters/Indigo have carried products featuring my illustrations.