Bodum Eileen Tea Press and Teapot

Is this not the most mo-fab teapot/tea press you’ve ever seen? (Mo-fab=modern-fabulous, it’s a new word I’m coining… right now)(patent pending). I received this as a Valentine’s Day gift from the lovely Nik, and I must say it’s my latest favourite thing around the house. I’d been coveting it ever since seeing it around Christmas at a kitchen supply store in Winnipeg, but couldn’t justify spending the bucks on it at the time.

Now that I have this in my possession, brewing my delicious T2 Teas (don’t forget to check out their Zodiac tea personality test) is even more of a delight for me. The integrated tea press keeps the tea from over-steeping, and the pump at the top gives you some good flavour right away.

In short, this is the teapot of love. And according to the test on the T2 site, I should purchase the Chilli Kiss tea next time I’m in Australia.