Cupcake Pops - The finished product

We had a small birthday soirée last night. Dinner first at the delicious Be One on Portage Ave, then scooting back to my place for a little snacking, chatting, and Rock Band-ing (Is that a verb yet? It should be.). So beforehand I decided that some sort of dessert would be in order and I stumbled upon this recipe at Bakerella for the most adorable cupcake pops.

I can’t say mine (above) turned out as professional looking as hers, but they seemed to be a big hit! Al declared them to be “the height of evil”, which I think we can say is a good thing. They really were deliciously light and sweet and they certainly were all eaten in short order.

Cupcake Pops - The dipping process

I substituted the chocolate or red velvet cake in the recipe for vanilla cherry chip cake and whipped cream cheese frosting. I also didn’t use an entire can of frosting (I know, I know, I was going to make the frosting and cake from scratch, but I had some time constraints) because I thought it would make them a bit too sugary. I’m glad I made the changes I did, because flavour-wise I think they turned out perfect! Love that crispy candy shell wrapped around a moist, rich inside.

Have to give a shout-out to all my friends who came out last night and for the wonderful gifts. How nice to have such great friends, cheers to you guys!

4 Thoughts on “Pop Stars”

  • Hey Sam – these were sooo amazing.

    Thank you so much for the good time. You always find a balance between throwing a good party and actually BEING around to talk to (as oppososed to still whipping up food in the kitchen).

    Sorry, that sounded like a testimonial. You should have a section for those on this site somewhere. “Before, I had no reason to get out of my crumb-filled, chip-bag-covered bed”. Just a thought.

  • those look soooooo gooooooooooooood. and surprisingly beautiful, for the first time, not at all drippy or anything. i’m gonna make these for a second time tomorrow-wish me luck! (the first time i made them was horror – they were dripping and crumbling all over my kitchen)

  • Thanks a lot for the comments, guys!

    Ralkie – I agree on the testimonial. I may have to add that line to my bio, since I think we can ALL relate to having a chip bag covered bed. Heh.

    Steph – Too bad your birthday has passed, I would totally make them for you. Perhaps I’ll need to make some chocolate ones for the Youngster’s birthday.

    Elisa – Thanks so much for the compliment! Good luck on your second shot at them! I assume it was the dipping that was giving you problems? I used the Wilton brand Candy Melts for the coating, if that helps. I just microwaved them until it was somewhat smooth, then dipped, they seemed to harden up pretty quickly. You can always do some smoothing with a toothpick before they dry too. I must say, patience was definitely a virtue when making these!

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