The Quicksnap, invented by Graeme Davies (photo credit: Gizmag)

Came by this article about the Quicksnap on Gizmag (photo credit to them, obviously) via The Kitchn. This isn’t exactly new news but it seems one of the finalists in a design competition sponsored by Toyota IQ came up with this clever idea for an ice cube tray that has a simple snapping mechanism on the back.  This affords the ice cube inept (like me) a way to pop ice cubes out of a tray individually.

While it may seem cool, but not necessarily like a breakthrough development, for me, it is. Whenever I need to get ice cubes out of a tray for a drink, usually one or both of the following things happens:
– I twist and turn the tray, struggling to get the cubes out and eventually crack or tear the tray  with my Incredible Hulk-like strength OR
– I twist and turn the tray and nothing budges until all of a sudden EVERY ice cube flies out of the tray and all over my kitchen. I search the kitchen frantically for clean cubes to add to the one errant ice cube that actually managed to fall in the drink glass. Then I inevitably end up wiping crumbs, hairs, old band-aids, etc. off of the other ice cubes that sprayed all over my countertop and use them anyway.*

So, I salute you Graeme Davies (inventor) and the Quicksnap. If perchance you’re reading this, please let me know when and where I can buy it. I’d be happy to invite you over for some icy, non-hairy margaritas.

* Let this be a lesson to those who visit: Bring bags of ice with you. Also, put your own ice in your drinks. Or you could just buy me this tray…


  • Oddly enough, both incidents also occur in our household. You can also remedy this by having your partner suggest buying a very expensive fridge item that creates the ice for you. (Hair is an optional button.)

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