Bobcat Goldthwait - Quickie Portrait by Sam Posnick (there weren't any great photos available...)

So, tomorrow night (Saturday) a big group of us are headed to Rumours for the awesome Jeremy’s birthday and the specialness of his birthday will only be topped by the fact that the headlining act is none other than Mr. Bobcat Goldthwait.

Now, my irony detector is going off like crazy over here, but I have to admit, I think this will be a good show. I haven’t really seen much of Bobcat since seeing the movie “Hot to Trot”(billed as ‘The Funniest Talking Horse Movie Ever!’) over and over again on MTN’s ‘Prime Ticket Movie’ Sundays. However, I was watching “Scrooged” over the holidays and enjoying his character in that as well. Bobcat truly was an 80’s gem, and I admit that I kind of like his manic nature and crazy voice (though I’m not sure how much of that we’ll see/hear tomorrow night).

It seems the Bobcat is more into directing and producing lately, with some notably acclaimed movies at Sundance over the past few years. I’ll cop to the fact that it’s the first I’ve heard about it, but good on him. I’m left to wonder why he’d be doing a stand-up tour at this point, but hey, I don’t care. I’m actually really looking forward to tomorrow night (this could just be because I wish the stand-up comedy boom of the 80’s occurred now instead of then, since I kind of love stand-up). I’ll post a mini-review if the night is noteworthy enough.

Bobcat Goldthwait is at Rumours Comedy Club on April 3 & 4, call them for tickets and info at (204) 488-4520.

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  • Haven’t seen him yet, his show starts in a few hours. A couple other friends saw him last night and said that some drunk girl heckled him, calling him “fat and bald”, and apparently he just tore her to pieces. So you know, note to self: don’t heckle Bobcat.

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