Ciao ChocolateFest - Sample chocolate culinary concoctions in Winnipeg for the month of April

Before we went to the Weakerthans show on Saturday night, Boyfriend Nik and I headed to one of our favourite restaurants, Dessert Sinsations (yes, they have great food too, not just desserts!). Now I had been told about Ciao Winnipeg’s Chocolate Fest, but had kind of ignored it because I’m more of a candy person rather than chocolate. However when we got there, we saw the special chocolate concoctions and had to sample some.

The dishes we decided to sample were the Chorizotto Mole: a spicy chorizo sausage with chocolate chilli risotto and for dessert we shared a slice of Chocolate Banana Cream Pie. Nik also had the Callebaut White Chocolate Pistachio Latte.

The Chorizotto Mole, while looking something like Libbey’s Pork and Beans in a bowl (with chorizo instead of hot dogs), tasted amazing. The spicy chorizo complimented the rich chocolate chilli risotto perfectly. The chocolate flavour was really quite light, not overwhelming at all. Highly recommended to split as an appetizer, and it could really serve as a moderately light meal on its own.

Now, while I still maintain the dessert would be even better if it had a layer of peanut butter (because if chocolate+peanut butter=good, peanut butter+banana=good, therefore chocolate+peanut butter+banana=amazing, it’s math, people!), the Chocolate Banana Cream Pie was to die for. The dark cookie crust was a welcome addition and it was a bit salty, which was a nice contrast to the light, sweet, whipped topping. Very, very good… even without the peanut butter.

I did not try the latte myself, but Nik said it was a bit sweet and didn’t finish it. Your taste may vary from his though, and I know I like sweet things probably more than he does, so it still sounded pretty good to me.

Ciao’s ChocolateFest is on for the month of April, so you still have a chance to go and sample some of the treats at many of the participating restaurants and bistros. If you’ve tried any of the specials at any other restaurants, let me know in the comments!


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