Vanilla dipped oreo truffles

I decided to whip up these oreo truffles for my cousin’s bridal shower tonight, seeing as how the recipe on Bakerella made it look so simple and delicious, and well, it was!  The recipe consists of about two ingredients and aside from smashing up the oreos, it took no time at all! Easy and delicious, the plate was cleared before the end of the evening and it seemed a number of people swiped some extra to take home.

I decided to do two different dips for contrast, a vanilla dip and a 50% cocoa dip, both using Wilton’s Candy Melts. I melted the wafers in a ramekin and rolled it around with a spoon to get an even coating (mostly), then dropped it on wax paper. I then used a cake decorating tube (for the first time!) to do the chocolate swirls on top of the vanilla dipped ones. The cocoa dipped ones, I just sprinkled a little coconut on top of (I ran out of vanilla wafers). All in all, the results were delicious and I’m hoping to make them again. Maybe as nicely wrapped gifts?

Vanilla and chocolate dipped oreo truffles

Big heaping pile of chocolate and vanilla dipped oreo truffles

4 Thoughts on “TRUFFLE LOVE”

  • Those were absolutely delicious and I am going to use that recipe. Wish I grabbed more.

  • These look great. If only there were someone who could make them for me…hint, hint!

    If not, I’ll just eat some crackers while looking at the photo. Ha, ha!

  • Aha! You made that recipe I talked about…nice one. Looks like you did a better job than Bakerella…I’m in food heaven.

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