Well, here it is, we’ve finally managed to finish the deck extension and get some photos up here. Now I no longer have an excuse for not posting, other than laziness or the fact that my life is beyond dull.

So there’s a lot of photos below, tried to get it from all angles, as it’s an L-shaped deck. For those who haven’t been to our home, the new part of the deck is the side with the lattice and the firepit and sofa on it. Previously, the deck was cut off at the edge of the kitchen’s extension from the house, but we decided to wrap it all the way around (why the previous owners couldn’t be bothered is beyond me).

It was a few weekends of planning, labour and errors, but Nik and I finally finished it and I must say, we’re quite proud of our little baby. It adds a fair bit more space and the new part catches some nice afternoon sun, so the sofa is perfect for having a little snooze. These are good times, people!


  • Nice work little lady (and Nik)! Loving the lounge area…I’ve wanted a couch on our deck for some time now too! I keep wondering where to keep the cushions so they don’t get manky though! Wish I could have a margarita (or other slushy type drink) on your deck right now!

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