I’ve been wanting to make and sell my own illustration-based products for some time but it seems that all the online companies and people that do it offer either poor quality products or take too much of a cut for it to be profitable to me.  And I know that screen printing can be done with fairly minimal supplies, but I’m not really interested in the mess and sourcing of materials.

Enter the Yudu. A screen printing machine that does prints up to 11×14″ in size, which is definitely a decent starting point for a newbie like me. It prints on fabric, paper, wood with no problem at all (or so it seems). The website makes it look like it’s aimed at younger people but all the reviews I’ve seen for the machine have been from adults, so I think it’s a fairly professional piece of machinery. I think this might be a good starting out point for me and I could finally start that Etsy shop that I’ve had an account for forever. I’ve really been wanting to do a line of prints and home goods and people have suggested it to me as well, so I know there would be some interest out there for the products.

The only issue is that the machine is puh-ricey, it goes for around $400 at Michaels. I suppose one could use those coupons from the flyers, and I did see it on sale for only $300 a few weeks back (actually it is on sale this week, according to their flyer). I’d go out and get it, but due to my the appendix bursting and the complications that came with it, I’m only just recovering on the money front right now.

So I guess I’ll just have to have this blog post hinting about what a great Christmas gift this would make. *nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more *

Oh, and do yourself a favour and watch the product video on the link above, it’s hilariously bad.

10 Thoughts on “ON THE WISHLIST”

  • ^ I think, possibly, it could replace my appendix. If I used it enough… The thing that most attracts me about this product is the apparent lack of mess it produces. I tend to be messy with paints and stuff, so this might be a good thing.

    As for me, I’m okay. Still a lot of residual abdominal pain unfortunately, and it mentally pains me not to be able to go for jogs out in this nice weather. Such is life though.

  • Oh that looks cool. Forget Xmas gift for you, I want it! I haven’t seen that for sale here. Now I’m going to be on the lookout for it..

  • I’ll trade in my spelling trophy to help you buy this: that’s gotta be worth a good $3 or so! Then, you can rub the magical lamp and wish for more!

  • This would be the shit for labeling DVDs (over my previously patented methods of:
    a) sharpie scribbles
    b) not labeling

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