Is it too late to post New Year’s resolutions? Yes? Well, fine, I don’t make resolutions anyway, but I do set goals, so I’ll just post those instead.


I’ve always been interested in running a marathon, but the sheer length seemed too daunting to me. And the possible damage to joints and muscles makes it a little less attractive to me at this point. However, before the whole appendix issue, I was running a solid 4.5 miles a day, which while it’s not much compared to the 13.1 mile distance of a half marathon, was a good start for distance running, I think.

I’ve caved and bought myself a treadmill, so I’ve already been starting to run again. Once I get back from my vacation at the end of March, I plan to start using the Runner’s World training guide to dictate my runs and hopefully increase my speed a bit. Right now, I’m just focusing on being able to run a steady pace for a good length of time, since it’s been so long.

My friends and I are training for the half of The Manitoba Marathon. It being in June should give us a lot of time to work on it. My goal is not only to finish but to have a fairly respectable time (basically, no walking), so I can keep up with my longer-legged friends.


Yes, courtesy of the lovely Nik, the much coveted Yudu is now mine. Now I just need to clear out the “spare-spare room” and learn how to use it. This may take some time, due to the amount of work that room needs, but it will get done.


Admittedly, this ties in with Goal #2, since I’ll mostly be producing prints and possibly cloth goods (t-shirts, tea towels, aprons, etc.) with the Yudu. But it’s a goal of mine to be selling my own merchandise. I love working with Cardstore and iStockphoto, as well as the independents that carry products with my illustrations, but I’d like to be able to conceive of and finish something that’s 100% Sam. And obviously, I’d also like to hang onto 100% of the profits.

Well, I have more minor goals to add to these, but let’s not go nuts here. These are the ones I feel require the most focus and foresight, so I’ll try to commit to these. Would love to know what other people have planned for 2010!

6 Thoughts on “MY RESOLVE”

  • hmm… Goal #1 Leave ashern. -Will be happening successfully by the end of January!
    Goal # 2 Maybe plan a really nice trip somewhere for a slightly longer than normal vacation amount of time.
    Goal #3 Play on a team sport this year. Hopefully soccer, but maybe ultimate.
    Goal #4 Develop stronger images and consider doing something with them (like sell on istock maybe, or up the etsy sales, etc…)
    Goal #5 Become more proficient with my camera and obtain exciting camera accessories like a new camera lens.
    Goal #6 I feel like should be listing on here find another job…Which ultimately is a goal, but i feel like that’s so obvious that I don’t need to list it.
    Goal #7 Buy a Gocco Printing Set and create prints.
    Goal #8 Develop a new stop-motion video using my own images.

    Ok that’s all for now. If i keep sitting here thinking about this I will think of too many.

  • Sam, you and I should run soon to see how out of sync we are – I know you hate the gym, but would Sunday in the early evening work for you (say 4:00 at that Klassen gym?).

    Julia – glad you’re out of Ashern soon!

    My goals for 2010:

    1) Have visible abs by the end of the year
    2) Do something more with real estate (i.e. landlording my own home)
    3) Spend as much time as I can in the American Southwest
    4) As a member of the Doors Open committee, recruit more interesting buildings for this year’s event.
    5) Read more, my goal is 25 books over the year; not too crazy

    That’s all – I need to keep it simple so I won’t feel bad when none of the above happens.

  • Finish houses. That’s all. Oh yes, and remember to paint my toes every once in a while. Oh what the heck–collect more wine!

  • Products: I think everyone is eagerly awaiting the Sam Posnick action figure, so we can make her fight Alien and Predator!

    OK, back to the drawing board…

  • Hey just checking back over my list of new years resolutions- Have completed some of them, yay! -Left ashern and found a new job! Went on a fantastic trip overseas, and on that trip worked on developing my artistic talents. I joined an ultimate team. I have taken more photos, and did that studio session with nik, though havent bought any new accessories, so this one is only half done. I think I’m doing pretty good with my list 🙂

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