Display at the front of Chapters Polo Park

Earlier last week I was alerted to the fact that Chapters has been selling a bunch of paper products with some of my iStockphoto illustrations on them. How novel! How… noteworthy (pun intended). So, of course I had to venture down to the local Polo Park Chapters to check them out.

It looks like there’s still more to come, given that part of the display isn’t filled yet and a few more licenses were purchased on the same day for retail use, so I’m hoping to see a design with my typewriter or bicycle on it. They’ve paired them with some products that have similar (but not my) illustrations and they’re looking good. Some of the colour/cropping choices aren’t what I would’ve done, but it’s great to see my stuff available to a broader market! Now if only it had my name on it…

Please ignore the poor quality of my sneaky iPhone photos and enjoy!

Oh, and if you wanted to purchase them, or see some of the other designs up close, they’ve made them available on the Chapters/Indigo website.


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