Do you has what it takes to join the Homestarmy? Or play Strong Badia the Free on the Wii?

Or ‘Why I didn’t post anything this weekend…’

Well, aside from it being a lovely, long, 4-day Easterstravaganza weekend here in the House of Sam, I’ve been spending a little quality time with the Wii again. After hooking up the Time Capsule (thanks to Boyfriend Nik for the happy gift!), we’ve been getting a much faster, stronger, altogether good-er internet connection for the compys and Wii. This has enabled me to download the first 3 titles in the series of Strong Bad’s Cool Game(s) for Attractive People.

Now, I was kind of over the old for a while there, hadn’t really checked the site out in a while. But I still hold a fondness for the characters (who doesn’t say “Great Jorb” now and then?) and am still pretty amused by the Teen Girl Squad when I manage to check it out too. Plus, Strong Bad is one of my heroes (behind Bender from Futurama, of course).  And when I heard they had developed some episodes/games for Wiiware that you can download via the console (at a rate of about $10 USD per game), I had to try them out.

So I downloaded the first game and I was hooked! I should say, if you’re more of an action game fan, these are not really for you, since the episodes are more of the “walkin’ around, talkin’ to people’, doin’ stuff” variety. However, that style is exactly my cup of tea. I’m kind of a lazy gamer, I don’t like to get too caught up in games, and admittedly I just give up if it takes me too long to figure something out. It’s not that I’m like that in real life, but to spend too much time on a game – for a busy person like me – is a bit wasteful.

I finished the first game fairly quickly (for me), and downloaded the next two. I’m currently in the middle of the second episode, Strong Badia the Free, and it’s pretty good. I would say I get at least four or more hours of enjoyment out of each game, which is a pretty good value for ten bucks. Also, the dialogue is quite funny, if you like Strong Bad cartoons anyway, and there are some good mini-games and missions involved as well. I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of getting the most laughs out of the Teen Girl Squad comic games yet, I’m hoping to eventually get my comic timing right!

All in all though, I’d recommend these games to anyone who gets a kick out of the Homestar Runner franchise and likes the more old-school, story-based gaming style (think Zak McKracken). They’re fun, funny, and good bang for your buck.

2 Thoughts on “DO YOU HAS?”

  • they sound a bit fun, fun, funny to me. I loving the strong badia…population tire, and Sam.

  • Most enjoyable. I’m now working on Episode 3 – The Baddest of the Bands, wherein Strong Bad is organizing a “Battle of the Bands” (judged by Limozeen!) in order to fund the repair of the Fun Machine (basically an Atari gaming console).

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