Got a tree or garland to decorate but short on cash? Or maybe you’re just looking for something a little different? Consider filling a tree with these origami sparrows! Pattern and more, after the jump.

Sure, a lot of us have seen (and love) those porcelain origami crane ornaments, but who’s got $15 (or more) to spend on them, especially if, like me, you’d want an entire flock of them? Hence my simple solution to make your own. You can place a few here and there for a modern, handmade touch or fill a whole tree with them for impact. Grab a pdf for the design HERE and print away!

The pattern for this type of bird is very simple and I’ve included the pattern with a set of two small folding sheets for you to cut out. The detailed toile-esque sparrow pattern on these sheets is an original Sam Posnick creation and you’re welcome to use it for your own personal Christmas ornaments.

Merry Christmas and happy folding!

More of my illustrations can be seen and purchased at iStockphoto.


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